This burger made with apple and topped with a cucumber relish offers a refreshing addition to any alfresco feast.
Serve with a selection of prepared relishes and rolls of your choice, kids adults and just about anybody will love these.
Served in mini naans and topped with a tangy mango salsa these spicy burgers are bursting with flavour.
Try this delicious twist to beef burgers, the garlic butter hidden in the middle makes them extra juicy and full of flavour.
Give your BBQ a fruity twist with this delicious steak topped off with a summery strawberry salsa.
If you’re looking for an extra kick on the BBQ try this steak served up with fiery tomato sauce.
Smothered in a homemade BBQ sauce this steak tastes at its best when cooked to medium-rare.
Bring a taste of the orient to your garden table with these mouth-watering steaks marinated in light soy sauce and plum jam.
Place under a grill if the sun isn’t shining but when cooked on the BBQ thesae Indian inspired kebabs provide mouthwatering results every time.
Beef kebabs but not as you know them. These koftas may take a bit of time to prep but are well worth the wait.
Marinade for just 20 minutes before BBQing and these satays will be packed with flavour and make you the envy at any summer gathering.
Beef tacos, but not the way you know them. Mexican food on the BBQ is a sure fire winner every time.