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Furious 7

Interactive idea / Pitch

The brief stated to come up with an interactive idea to promote the film Furious 7.  

After researching the film, I discovered Furious 7 was targeting a new older audience than the previous sequels. The new film is also more about the families than the cars. As the new target audience might not have been familiar with all the characters and relationships from the previous films, I came up with the idea of an interactive family tree. The users were able to get a good overview and learn about all current and previous characters, their relationship and cars. This could be fun and useful for both new and old fans.  

From the menu - “Pre-book now”, The user was able to find their nearest cinema to pre-book tickets.  

As it was a pitch and the client did not provide any assets, all images used were “Google images” which I retouched and composed in Photoshop.  

The pitch was successful.  


Fast and Furious



Interactive story one
Interactive story one
Interactive story one