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creative ideas / pitch

The brief stated to come up with creative ideas where the audience could interact with all the partner brands in the Bond film, Spectre. The heroes in the campaign had to be the partner brands rather than the film. These ideas also had to consider the stricter advertising standards for various countries where alcohol advertising is prohibited. The partner brands were Sony, Bollinger champagne, Belvedere vodka, Omega Watch, Jeep and Aston Martin.

The difficulty with the brief was to find information and assets, as at the time of the brief, the film was still in production.





Idea 1 - Interactive story

The user will be a secret agent on a mission traveling to the same location as in the film. For each destination, there will be a partial mission to complete. The user will have to interact with the brands in order to complete the missions. 

For the countries which have a stricter adverting standards, the missions containing alcohol will not be available.

Interactive board one

The user is briefed to go on a mission. At the bottom of the screen, an inventory list is appearing, where the player will be able to use appropriate item during its mission

Interactive board two

The user recives the flight ticket by downloading it on its Sony phone

Interactive board three

The user meet Money Penny and from its inventory, the user offers her a glass of Bollinger champagne...

SInteractive board four return she gives him an Omega watch

Interactive board five

Anytime during the mission, the player can click on any item in its inventory and it wil display the facts about the item. The user can also spin item 360° and navigate to product website

Interactive board six

The player once again uses its Sony mobile phone to navigate and choose its next destination

SInteractive board seven

The user utlise the Omega watch while on skiing mission in Sölden

Idea 2 - Behind the scene

The user will be able to watch behind the scene footage or get exclusive content from the film, meanwhile getting exposed to the features of the products.

For the countries which have a stricter adverting standards, the slides containing alcohol will not be available.

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