hand holding phone Colive logo

App / UX / Visual design


Colive, a start-up in proptech offers rental of shared apartments to young adults. Their app is used by all tenants to manage their household such as book laundry, report incidents, pay rent and socialise.


  • Figma
  • Illustrator

There was a concern that tenants might not feel engaged with the previous design of the app as it lacked of consistency and felt stale


I was responsible to update overall UX and visual design for the entire app. I started off by created several design ideas which I then narrowed down to a final version


The final design resulted in better user experience along with a soft and friendly approach which resonated better with the target group

Splash screen Reset password screen
Login screen Homepage
Splash screen Login screen Reset password screen Homepage

Settings / Edit profile / Fun facts

In the settings section, users can add fun facts about themselves which would be visable to other tenats

Incident reporting

User flow - High-fi design of tenant incident reporting
Incident report