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Wedding Ringer

Interactive idea / pitch

With only 3 hours to deadline I was asked to come up with an interactive idea for the film Wedding Ringer. The only requirement from the client was that the idea had to incorporate video. The proposed creation was a short quiz designed with leading questions that allowed users to determine which of the groomsmen characters they were most like. The creation itself offered an opportunity to show a short exclusive clip, preferably a few seconds in length, with a comical scene involving each of the characters. Whichever character a user ended up scoring closest to based on their answers, was the clip that they saw.  

Users were also able to share their result with friends via social networking (a link at the end of the questionnaire was present), which also shared a direct link to the films trailer. The trailer itself was also linked within the creation as a constant link at the base.  

The only assets provided was a trailer on Youtube, therefore the quality of some of the images in the final product was poor.


Sony Picture Entertainment



Welcome screen

The welcome screen

User will start the quiz/questions by clicking on FIND OUT NOW button. The bottom navigation allows the user to navigate to the website/facebook page or watch the trailer at anytime during the quiz

Question pages


  • - A set of questions (5-10) are given to the user
  • - The radio buttons allows the user to pick one answer per question
  • - Once the user have selected the answer and click next, the next question will appear
  • - 1/10 indicates how many questions answered and remaining

Short clip


Once the question section is finalised, and a film character has been determined, the best or most fun sequins of the character is shown (a few seconds)



  • - Here the user can read about the traits of the character which they are alike
  • - The user can share its result and invite their friends to take the quiz