The Swedish Research Council

The Swedish Research Council is Sweden’s largest governmental research funding body, and supports research within all scientific fields. To facilitate for Register-based research they provide a tool called RUT (Register Utiliser Tool), a web-based metadata tool where researchers can search and combine metadata from Swedish registers.


Within RUT, researchers need to find out if there are correlations between data in registers. This is initiated by comparing if the registers overlap in time. Researchers shall also be able to navigate through the list of registers and find relevant information.


As the sole UX/UI designer I was responsible for the user journey and visual design.


The outcome become a new feature within RUT where users are able to add registers for comparison and get a visual representation of their overlap in time.

The new design also enhanced navigation through the registers, by provide relevant and adequate amount of information on each page.

Register list view

An overview of the registers which are divided into sections. Clicking Read more expands for further info, whilst the arrow buttons open the register detail page.

Register list view

The Stroke register has been expanded to give users more info.

Register detail page

Full details of a register. Users can click “Jämför register” to add the register for comparison.

Compare register page

A visual overview displayed as a timeline for the period of the registers. This is an important feature for researchers looking to find correlations between the registers. Users are also able to add registers (+) for comparison.